Bubs Babynest®

$159.99 $280

Bubs Babynest® provides a healthy toxin free space for your baby to peacefully rest close to you anywhere anytime. Bubs Babynest® is designed to offer a snug and soothing environment for babies.

Our Babynest grows along with your bub, giving them the comfort they need to play, rest and of course sleep! Bubs Babynest® is reversible and machine washable making it the ultimate newborn essential. Our Babynest is your extra set of hands when needed.


Babynest Features:

  • Parent life balance - offering your help when you need it
  • Multi-functional - allows your baby to rest no matter where the day takes you
  • Travel Friendly - able to be taken anywhere and maintains a familiarity in a new environment
  • Minimal & Timeless - blends seamlessly into your home
  • Perfect for Tummy Time - the rounded sides help prop up your baby when placed under his/her arms
  • Helps to develop neck strength & motor skills
  • Bubs Babynest® can be used for newborns and babies up to 12 months
  • Size can be adjusted with ties, start with nest tied and open as bub grows
  • Made from OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, 100% cotton, hypoallergenic and breathable
  • Made from Swedish design
  • Outer Dimensions (when tied): 88cm (L) x 53cm (W)
  • Inner Dimensions (when tied): 68cm (L) x 30cm (W) 


Bubs Babynest® is made with LOVE and we understand all parents want the best for their bub and this is why we continue to help new parents care & love for bubs the world over. 

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